Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned below represent the contract concluded between the user of Mazeed (the buyer) and Z Company, the owner of the Mazeed platform

Mazeed is an e-commerce platform that allows users of Zid Merchants to display and sell products, and also allows customers to shop a variety of products, review, and rate their previous orders from Zid

First: the way to benefit from more

1. You have the right to activate more, and benefit from the services in more according to the following

2. The information provided by the buyer to register in the application and to complete the order must be correct

2. When you use the Mazeed application and order from it, you will be shown your previous orders, and your leftover baskets in the electronic stores that are on the Zid platform

2. If you are already a user of the Zid platform, your personal data previously registered on the platform will appear to you

2. Provide your correct address to deliver the products to

2. Evaluation of previous requests, and evaluation of stores classified in more

Second: Limits of liability


1. The buyer is responsible for communicating with the merchant, and following up on the order from the date it was sent

2. The buyer is bound by the exchange and return policy of each store


1. ZTE does not bear any responsibilities related to shipping, delivery, and product safety guarantee

Third: Financial provisions

1. The buyer agrees to Zid Company verifying the credit card by transferring, sending, or obtaining credit card information, or credit reporting information - including any updated information - to or from the competent authority for the purpose of verifying the validity of credit card information and obtaining Initial authorization and/or authorization of credit card purchases at Zid Company’s discretion.

2. The buyer acknowledges and agrees to allow Zid Company to use his personal data to conduct checks to combat fraud and fraud, and to disclose this data to a credit reference, or to the competent authorities.

3. All payment methods through credit cards are subject to data verification and authorization by the card-issuing bank. In the event that the card-issuing bank rejects the payment process, Zid Company has the right to cancel the order, or offer an alternative payment method after the buyer's approval.

4. The buyer acknowledges and agrees that the data provided on the credit card used for payment matches the information entered to carry out the purchase

5. The buyer acknowledges and agrees that the purchase amount will be deducted directly from his credit card after sending the purchase order

6. The buyer acknowledges and agrees that he is the owner of the card used in the payment process, or has obtained permission from its owner to use it

7. Zid Company is responsible for preserving credit card information, and not selling it or sharing it with any other parties except with regard to payment gateways operating electronic payment services, or at the request of the regulatory authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fourth: ordering products

Zid Company has the right to refuse or cancel orders for any reason, including, but not limited to, that the requested product does not meet the quality control standards applied by Zid Company and is being withdrawn, or the payment process is refused from the bank, or there are errors in the pricing process, or for any other reason. Reason is at ZTE's discretion

Fifth: General Provisions

The buyer acknowledges and agrees that Z Company has the right to represent him before the Ministry of Commerce to file complaints related to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Commerce

Sixth: Complaints and suggestions

The buyer has the right to file a complaint ticket by clicking on My Account tab > I need help > Create ticket > Complaint > Choose the type of complaint > Description of the problem > Attach supporting-documents - if any

Mazeed team will communicate with the buyer within x from the date of raising the complaint ticket

The buyer can submit suggestions to the More team by clicking on the My Account field > I need help > Talk to us > Suggestion > Write the suggestion

Seventh: Force Majeure

ZTE will not be liable for any loss or delay due to fire, natural disasters, banking system failure, power outages, telecommunications problems, wars, strikes, riots or terrorist attacks. failure to perform, or any accidents or events over which Zid Company has no control

Eighth: Delete the account

The buyer has the right to delete his account in more at any time by going to his page in the application, and clicking on the (delete account) option

Tenth: the dominant language

These terms and conditions were written in the Arabic and English languages, and in the event of a conflict between the two texts, the Arabic text shall prevail

Eleventh: Modifying and terminating the terms and conditions

Zid Company has the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time by displaying the amended version on the website or application, and the buyer is responsible for returning to the amended version of the terms and conditions